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Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Jay Electronique Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Jay Electronique industrial automation products.

Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all Jay Electronique Industrial Electronics products :-Jay Electronique Beta operator module PCB Repairs,Jay Electronique Gama operator module PCB Repairs,Jay ElectroniquePika operator module PCB Repairs,Jay Electronique Moka operator module PCB Repairs,Jay Electronique Timo transceiver PCB Repairs,Jay Electronique Elio transceiver PCB Repairs,Jay Electronique RS wireless emergency stop PCB Repairs,Jay Electronique RS wireless validation handle PCB Repairs,Jay Electronique RS safety signals wireless transmission Unit  PCb Repairs,Jay Electronique UD industrial radio remote control PCB Repairs,Jay Electronique Orion wireless remote control PCB Repairs,Jay Electronique Isis logical signals wireless transmission Unit PCb Repairs etc...

Here are some of the Jay Electronique Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

ING21C Repair, RFS01A Repair, ORION Repair, OWE13 Repair, SJBT30B Repair, EMET + RECEP Repair, SJRO4U Repair, SJTO4U Repair, JAY SENSORS SLCR102A4 Repair, SLCT102A4 Repair, BARRIERE SJBT304B Repair,UBWE34 Repair, OREi42SL1 Repair, Telecommande UBEC 81 SL1 Repair, récepteur UBRA 8L&CR Repair, UBET41S Repair, UBET61SRepair, UBEC41SL1 Repair, UBRA8L1U Repair, UBRA4L1C Repair, UTE Repair, UTR Repair, UR21-B Repair, UR31-BRepair, UR41-B Repair, 154580 Repair, 312491 Repair, HTB-001 Repair, IND71B Repair, L007641 Repair, MAC066Repair, SLBC103A6 Repair , SLBC 103A6 Repair , TRAMOPTIC Repair, CDC2000-IF-3 Repair, RK-31C-P Repair, SAHD02Repair, SAHD0U Repair, SFT01A Repair, SGA2A1S6 Repair, SJBR-406A Repair, SJBT-406A Repair, SJBZT0 Repair, SJR02U Repair, SJT02U Repair, UBEI21SL1 Repair, UBRS2L1CR Repair, UFL 529 Repair, UFL539 Repair, UFR-152-803Repair, UGL-012 Repair, UGR0-15 Repair, UGS035 Repair, UJD2A00S Repair, UJZEHF00 Repair, UPC000-0U Repair, UPRF05AS Repair, UTCU Repair, UTEE091 Repair, UTRE09S Repair, VUF-018 Repair, VUF-118 Repair, VUF1 Repair, XDE012600 Repair, XDR0CB00-012 UPEF052 Repair, URE22C0-B Repair, URE2110-B Repair, URE2220-B Repair, URR0C40-B-011 Repair, URR0CA0-B-011 Repair, ORRS21L1F Repair, ORRS21L1T Repair, ORRS21L1U Repair, ORRS42L1F Repair, ORRS42L1T Repair, ORRS42L1U Repair, ORRA82L14 Repair, ORRA82L1A Repair, ORRA82L1BRepair, ORRAH2L14 Repair, ORRAH2L1A Repair, ORRAH2L1B Repair.