Manufactures Repaired



Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Infranor Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Infranor industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Infranor Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

MESA Repair, Servos AC Repair, 100/30R Repair, CHNT RT18-63-32A Repair, BF70/3.000.D Repair, BF7013-000-D Repair, CYB-712L Repair, CYB-720 Repair, MP/DR100 Repair, MP-DR-100 Repair, MP-100 Repair, MPI/DR-100 Repair, PWM SERVO CONTROLLERS Series MS : MS 0210 Repair, MS 0510 Repair, MS 0604 Repair, MS 0606 Repair, MS 0608 Repair, MS 0610 Repair, MS 1204 Repair, MS 1206 Repair, MS 1208 Repair, MS 1210 Repair, MSN 06 Repair, MSMN/W Repair, MSNW 06 Repair, MSN 12 Repair, MSNW 12 Repair, MPIDR100 Repair, MRM 1208 Repair, MRM 1208 Repair, MSM1207M34 Repair, MSMM06-0.3 Repair, Variateurs de vitesse numériques pour moteurs DC : SMT100-D/I Repair, SMT 100/20 MX50 Repair, SMT 100/5 Repair, SMT100/05 Repair, SMT-100/05 Repair, SMT100/15 Repair, SMT-100/15 Repair, MT 150/40.80 Repair, SMT100/20 Repair, Variateur SMT-BD1 pour moteur AC synchrone Sinus : SMT-BD1-220/04 Repair, SMT-BD1-220/08 Repair, SMT-BD1-220/12 Repair, SMT-BD1-1H220/12 Repair, SMT-BD1-220/17 Repair, SMT-BD1/1H220/17 Repair, SMT-BD1-220/30 Repair, SMT-BD1-1H220-12 Repair, SMT-BD1/1H220/17T Repair, SMT-BD1 220 45 Repair, SMT-BD1-220/45 Repair, SMT-BD1-220/60 Repair, SMT-BD1-220/70 Repair, SMT-BD1-220/100 Repair, SMT-BD1 Repair, SMT-BD1 Repair, SMT-BD1/1H Repair, SMT-BD1/1HX Repair, SMT BD1-1H 220 Repair, SMT BD1/1A Repair, SMT-BD1 1A 220-70 Repair, SMT-BD1 220 30 Repair, SMTB D1 10 220-17 Repair, SMTB D1 1A 220-30 T BS Repair, SMTB D1 220-08 Repair, SMTB D1 220-12 Repair, SMTB D1 220-17 Repair, SMTB D1 220-60 Repair, SMT BM 20AV Repair, SMT-BD2 Repair, SMTBS Repair, SMTBS 220/30 Repair, SMTBSI 200/30W Repair, SMTBSI 220/12D Repair, SMTBSI 220/17W Repair, SMTBSI 220130 Repair, SMTBSI220/30 Repair, SMTBSI220/45 Repair, SMTG150/20 Repair, SQC-150/30 Repair, TG150/20 Repair, 01375-C Repair, 25.8-1R Repair, AA-55873 Repair, AA-55874 Repair, AA-55981 Repair, AA-56070 Repair, AO-55510 Repair, BF400-45 Repair, CD1-A-400 Repair, CD1-K-400-14-P3 Repair, CD1-K2-P3 Repair, CD1-P-400 Repair, CTB 04/02 Repair, E80445 Repair, G3-PBF04 Repair, MAS-200/14 Repair, MAS-220/10 Repair, MAS PE 220 10 Repair, MAS PE 220 17 Repair, MP/DR-100 Repair, MRM-1208 Repair, MRM-1210-M50 Repair, MSM 0606 INFRANOR MSM 0608 Repair, MSM 1207 M32 Repair, MSMDN 060606 Repair, MSMDN120707 Repair, MSMNW 12-0-3 Repair, MT30 M4-38 Repair, SMTAS 220 10 Repair, SMTAS 220 14 2T8 Repair, SMTB D 220-30 Repair, SMTBD1M220/30 Repair, SMTB D1M 220/30 Repair, SMTB SI 220 70 Repair, SMTB SI 220/08 Repair, SMTB SI 220/12 Repair, SMTB SI 220/30 Repair, SMTB SI 220/45 Repair, SMTBMB20A  Repair, SMTBS 220 12 Repair, SMTBS 220 25 Repair, SMTBS 220 30 Repair, SMTBS 220/10 Repair, SMTBS 220/17 Repair, SMTBS 220/18 Repair, SMTBS 220/45 Repair, SMTBS 240 45 Repair, SMTBS 240 55 Repair, SMTBS 240 75 Repair, SMTBS 240/17 Repair, SMTBS 240/18 Repair, SMTD 150 Repair, SMTG 150-80 ET BMT150 Repair, SMTG 150/20 Repair, SMTG 150/30 Repair, SMTG 150/40 Repair, SMTG 150/40.80 Repair, SMVE 1510 Repair, SMVE 2410 Repair, SMVE 2420 Repair, SMVEN 1520 Repair, SQC-100 30 Repair.