Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Hima Paul Hildebrandt GMBH Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Hima Paul Hildebrandt GMBH industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Hima Paul Hildebrandt GMBH Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

Automates de sécurité SIL3 / SIL4, SNCC Repair: 80 100 Repair, 80 101 Repair, 80 102 Repair, A1 Repair, A1digRepair, B4100 Repair, B4101 Repair, B4110 Repair, B4111 Repair, B4200 Repair, B4201-1 Repair, B4201-2 Repair, B4210 Repair, B4211-1 Repair, B4211-2 Repair, B4231 Repair, B4232-1 Repair, B4232-2 Repair, B4233-1 Repair, B4233-2 Repair, B5120 Repair, B5121 Repair, B5140 Repair, B5141 Repair, B5220 Repair, B5221 Repair, B5222-1Repair, B5223-1 Repair, B5223-2 Repair, B9300 Repair, B9301 Repair, B9302-1 Repair, B9360 Repair, B9601 Repair, B9651 Repair, HIMA H-51 H51Q-HS Repair: H41Q-HS Repair, HZ-PA1-1 Repair, F-1101 Repair, F1102A Repair, F1104Repair, F1107 Repair, F1108 Repair, F1109 Repair, F1110 Repair, F 1111 Repair, F1112 Repair, F1115 Repair, F1201Repair, F1202 Repair, F1202 70MS Repair, F1907A Repair, F2101 Repair, F2102 Repair, F2103A Repair, F2104A Repair, F2105 Repair, F2106 Repair, F2107 Repair, F2201 Repair, F2202 Repair, F2301 Repair, F2302 Repair, F2304 Repair, F3101 Repair, F3102 Repair, F3103 Repair, F3104 Repair, F3105 Repair, F3106 Repair, F3107 Repair, F3108 Repair, F3109 Repair, F3110 Repair, F3110A Repair, F3112 Repair, F3113 Repair, F3115 Repair, F3116 Repair, F3121 Repair, F3208 Repair, F3209 Repair, F3209A Repair, F3211 Repair, F3211A Repair, F3212 Repair, F3213 Repair, F3214 Repair, F3215 Repair, F3216 Repair, F3217 Repair, F3223 Repair, F3224 Repair, F-3225 Repair, F-3226 Repair, F-3227 Repair, F3227 Repair, F 3227 Repair, F3228 Repair, F-3231 Repair, F-3232 Repair, F-3233 Repair, F-3234 Repair, F-3235Repair, F-3239 Repair, F-3246 Repair, F-3247 Repair, F3303 110V Repair, F3303 24V Repair, F3303 27V Repair, F-3303 60V Repair, F-3304 Repair, F3306 Repair, F3308 Repair, F3309 Repair, F3311 Repair, F3312 Repair, F3313Repair, F3316 Repair, F3317 Repair, F3318 Repair, F3320 Repair, F3321 Repair, F3326 Repair, F3328 Repair, F3329 60V Repair, F3332 Repair, F3401 Repair, F3402 Repair, F3403 Repair, F3404 110V Repair, F3404 220V Repair, F3404 24V Repair, F3405 Repair, F3406A Repair, F3410 Repair, F3412 Repair, F3413 Repair, H50 Repair, H51 systems (B9301) Repair, F3414 Repair, F-8607 Repair, F-8608 Repair, F-8609 Repair, F8610 Repair, F 8610 M1.1 Repair, F 8611 Repair, F 8612B Repair, F 8616 Repair, F 8617 Repair, F-8619 Repair, F-8620 Repair, F-8620/11 Repair, F-8620/4 Repair, F-8620/11 Repair, F 8621A ELOP I Repair, F 8623B Repair, F 8625 Repair, F 8626 Repair, F8630Repair, F8631 Repair, F8632 Repair, F 8633 Repair, F 8640 Repair, F 8641 Repair, F 8642 Repair, F 8650 Repair, F 8650A Repair, F8650E Repair, F8651 Repair, F8651A Repair, F 8651E Repair, F 8652 Repair, F 8652A Repair, F 8652ERepair, F 8653 Repair, F 8653A Repair, F8653E Repair, F8701 Repair, F8702 Repair, F 9407 Repair, F 9407A Repair, F 9420 Repair, F 9421 Repair, F 9430 Repair, ELOP I Repair, F 9430 Repair, F9701 Repair, H4002 230V Repair, H4002 24V Repair, H 4006 Repair, H 4010 Repair, H 4108 Repair, H 4109 Repair, H 4112 Repair, H 4113 Repair, H4114Repair, H4115 Repair, H 4117 Repair, H 4118 Repair, H 4119 Repair, H 4120 Repair, H 4121 Repair, H 4122 Repair, H 4123 Repair, H 4124 115V Repair, H4124 230VAC Repair, H 4124 60V Repair, H 4135 Repair, H 6125 Repair, H 6127Repair, H 6134 Repair, H 6155 Repair, H 6160 Repair, H 6200 Repair, H7015 Repair, H 7016 Repair, H 7503 Repair, H 7503A Repair, HIMatrix CPU 01 Repair, HIMatrix F3 DIO 20/8 01 Repair, HIMatrix F30 01 Repair, HIMatrix F30 02Repair, HIMatrix F31 01 Repair, HIMatrix F35 01 Repair, HIMatrix F35 02 Repair, HIMatrix F60 Repair, HIMatrix F60 (Modbus) Repair, X-FTA DI 32 01 01 Repair, X-FTA 002 01L/R Repair, X-FTA DI 32 02 01 Repair, X-FTA DO 24 01 01Repair, X-FTA DO 12 01 01 Repair, X-CA 012 01 Repair, X-FTA AI 32 01 01 Repair, BT-P2001 Repair, F2101 Repair, F2201 Repair, F3102 Repair, F3312 Repair, F4101 Repair, F4301 Repair, GT-P4031 Repair, GT-P4038 Repair, GT-P4045 Repair, GT-P4057 Repair, LET-P1004 Repair, LET-P1020 Repair, MJT-P6014 Repair, MUT-P6012 Repair, VT-P3023 Repair, VT-P3040 Repair, ZT-P2022 Repair.