Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd. is your one stop solution for Gefran Industrial Electronics Repairs services. From Gefran Drive ,Gefran Servo Drive ,Gefran  AC Drive,Gefran DC Drive,Gefran VFD,Gefran  Spindle Drive,Gefran SIEI ,Gefran Servo Amplifier,Gefran CPU Boards,Gefran Temperature Controllers Gefran VFD ,Gefran  Servo Amplifier Boards toGefran Power Supply, we have the capabilities to repair and  service all Gefran industrial automation products.

Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all Gefran  Industrial Electronics products such as Gefran Drive Repair,Gefran Servo Drive Repair,Gefran  AC Drive Repair,Gefran DC Drive Repair,Gefran VFD Repair,Gefran  Spindle Drive Repair,Gefran SIEI Drive,Gefran Servo Amplifier Repair,Gefran CPU Boards Repair,Gefran Temperature Controllers Repair,Gefran  VFD Repair,Gefran  Servo Amplifier Boards Repair,Gefran Power Supply Repair..etc


Here are some of the Gefran Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:
Régulateur Gefran 1000 - 1001 - 1100 / Temperature Controller Gefran 1000 - 1001 – 1100 Repair : 1000-R0-1R-0-1 Repair, 1000-R0-2R-0-1 Repair, 1000.R0.1R.0.0.C Repair, 1000.R0.1R00.1.0 Repair, 1000.R0.1R01.0-0 Repair, 1000N-1R-2 Repair, 1000N-2R-2 Repair, 1000N-2R-2-N05 Repair, 1000N-3R-2 Repair, 1000-R0-1R-0-1-A06 Repair, 1000-R0-2R-0-1 Repair, 1000-R0-2R-0-1-000 Repair, 1000-R0-3H-0-1 Repair, 1000-R0-3R-0-1 Repair, 1000-RO-1R-0-1-000 Repair, 1000-RO-1R-2-1-000 Repair, 1000N-2R-4 Repair, 1101-R0-1R-0-1-P21 Repair, 1001-R0-1R Repair, THERMOREGULATEUR 40T-72-PID Repair, 40T-48-4-00-RR Repair, 40T-48-4-24-RR-0-2-1-0000 Repair, 40T-48-4-00-RR Repair, 40T-72-4-01-RR-00-9-000 Repair, 400-R-R-R-1 Repair, 400-D-D-R-1 Repair, 401-R-R-R-1 Repair, 401-D-D-R-1 Repair, 600-R-R-0-0-1 Repair, 600 OF : F032998 Repair, F032999 Repair, F033000 Repair, F033001 Repair, F033002 Repair, F033003 Repair, F034009 Repair, F037470 Repair, 1200-RR00-00-0-1-B20 Repair, 1200-R-R-0-0-00-0-1 Repair, 1300-R-R-R-R-00-0-1 Repair, 800 Repair, 800-DRR0-00001-000 Repair, 1600V RRR000 0001 000 Repair, 1600V RRRR00 0101 000 Repair, 1800-RRR000-0001-000 Repair, 1800V-RRRDI0-1121-000 Repair, 1800V-RRRDI0-1221-000 Repair, 1800V-RRRDI0-2601-000 Repair, 2300-SXI-3R-1-S Repair, 2300-SI-3R-1-S Repair, 2300-SI-C-1 Repair, 2301 Repair, 2301-SI-2-2R-1-S13 Repair, 2300-SW-3R-1-S Repair, 230SIA1P06 Repair, 200-1-2R-2 Repair, 200-2-4R-1 Repair, 2100-11-2R-0-2-1 Repair, 3300-C-D2-2R-0-0-1 Repair, 3300-C-D2-2R-W6-0-1 Repair, 3400-A-0-1-DRV0-3 Repair, 500-R0-R0-0 Repair, 500-R0-R0-1 Repair, A/D4 NS Repair, A/D2 UP K98 Repair, A/D8NI/A-186/15H Repair, AD 2µP Repair, ALSON 2 Repair, D/A16µP Repair, D/A16P-186 Repair, DA 16µP Repair, D/A12PNS Repair, CIR C 2.0N Repair, CPU 186 Repair, CPU86 NS Repair, CPU 86 NS-6QA4856.2 Repair, CPU 191 µP Repair, CPU 81µP Repair, CPU 95µP Repair, CPU186-3 Repair, CPU97MP/1 Repair, 304110 Repair, 390082 Repair, 390082ES Repair, 390082N Repair, 551805001 Repair, 551805011 Repair, 600.100.000 Repair, 600.850.000 Repair, 6BF0120E2000000 Repair, 93-2-616-10 Repair, 93-2-619-10 Repair, 93-2-666-10 Repair, 93-2-667-10 Repair, 93-2-677-00 Repair, TERMO NS-6xa00000 Repair, 44836.1 Repair, M164-RX Repair, MUX8µP Repair, NTGDA PANNELLO Repair, OF4 Repair, TERMO-NS Repair, TERMO186TC Repair, U16-186 Repair, U32186600900000 Repair, VIDEOS4 Repair, GFX-TERMO-4 Repair, E16-NS Repair, E32 186 Repair, E32-186 Repair, GTS 122082 Repair, GTS 3 380 25A Repair, I-312-R-000 Repair, I/O 16NµP Repair, MEM 96µP Repair, MPC 1000 Repair, MUX 8µP-TC Repair, NET 186-S Repair, NT 69912R700 Repair, NT MEM-F Repair, NTG-480EF Repair, NTG-480-EF-3E2 Repair, NTNET2-0 Repair, PS 186 Repair, RS/REG µP Repair, RT22 Repair, RT32 Repair, S 2000-SI-RO-DE Repair, T220 Repair, TCB-ND BW EL Repair, TEM 350 Repair, TERMO 186 TC Repair, TERMO µP Repair, TR N2C C40 1 Repair, U16-186 Repair, U16 µP/R Repair, U16-NS Repair, U32-186 Repair, U8 UP Repair, UF8 µP Repair, W401-100-460-02-500-D Repair.