Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd
 is your one stop solution for GE Fanuc Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all GE Fanuc industrial automation products.

Here are some of the GE Fanuc Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

00152C CU Repair, 72V/450A Repair, IC610CPU105B Repair, IC610CPU106C Repair, IC693MDL740G Repair, VAT2000 Repair.GE FANUC 90-30 PLC, Automate 90-30, GE FANUC IC693, IC 693 Repair:Input Modules, carte entree, module entree 90-30 Repair :IC693MDL230 Repair, IC693MDL646 Repair, IC693MDL231 Repair, IC693MDL648 Repair, IC693MDL240 Repair, IC693MDL653 Repair, IC693MDL241 Repair, IC693MDL654 Repair, IC693MDL632 Repair, IC693MDL655 Repair, IC693MDL634 Repair, IC693ACC300 Repair, IC693MDL645. Output Modules, carte sortie, module sortie 90-30 Repair:IC693MDL310 Repair, IC693MDL740 Repair, IC693MDL330 Repair, IC693MDL741 Repair, IC693MDL340 Repair, IC693MDL742 Repair, IC693MDL390 Repair, IC693MDL748 Repair, IC693MDL730 Repair, IC693MDL750 Repair, IC693MDL731 Repair, IC693MDL751 Repair, IC693MDL732 Repair, IC693MDL752 Repair, IC693MDL733 Repair, IC693MDL753 Repair, IC693MDL753E Repair, IC693MDL734
IC693MDL930Repair,IC693MDL940Repair,IC693MDL931Repair,IC693MDR390Repair,IC693MAR590 Repair.Analog Input Modules, entree analogique 90-30 Repair:IC693ALG220 Repair, IC693ALG222 Repair, IC693ALG221 Repair, IC693ALG223 Repair, IC693ALG442 Repair. Analog Output Modules, sortie analogique 90-30 Repair: IC693ALG390 Repair, IC693ALG392 Repair, IC693ALG391 Repair.Motion Modules, controleur d'axe, carte comptage, module de positionnement Repair:IC693APU300 Repair, IC693APU305 Repair, IC693APU301 Repair, IC693DSM302 Repair, IC693APU302 Repair, IC693DSM314 Repair.Specialty Modules,carte specifique 90-30, module special Repair:IC693MDL760 Repair, IC693PTM101 Repair, IC693PCM301 Repair, IC693TCM302 Repair, IC693PCM311 Repair, IC693TCM303 Repair, IC693PTM100 Repair. Communications Modules, carte communication, controleur com Repair : IC693BEM331 Repair, IC693PBM200 Repair, IC693CMM302 Repair, IC693PBM201 Repair, IC693CMM311 Repair,IC693DNM200 Repair, IC693CMM321 Repair, IC693DNS201 Repair, IC693NIU004 Repair, IC693CMM302 Repair: ENHANCED GENIUS COMM Repair. Controllers, CPU 90-30, carte processeur Repair : IC693CPU311 Repair, IC693CPU360 Repair, CPU 360 Repair, IC693CPU313 Repair, IC693CPU363 Repair, CPU 363 Repair, IC693CPU323 Repair, IC693CPU364 Repair, CPU 364 Repair, IC693CPU350 Repair, CPU 350 Repair, IC693CPU374 Repair, IC693PCM300 Repair. Backplanes, rack extension Repair : IC693CHS391 Repair, IC693CHS397 Repair, IC693CHS392 Repair, IC693CHS393 Repair, IC693CHS399 Repair. Power Supplies, Alimentation, ALIM 90-30 Repair:IC693PWR321 Repair, IC693PWR332 Repair, IC693PWR322 Repair, IC693ACC340 Repair, IC693PWR328 Repair, IC693ACC341 Repair, IC693PWR330 Repair, IC693ACC350 Repair, IC693PWR331 Repair. Batterie, cable, cordon, memoire 90-30 Repair: IC693ACC301 Repair, IC693CBL301 Repair, IC693ACC302 Repair, IC693CBL302 Repair, IC200ACC003 Repair, IC693CBL312 Repair, IC693ACC310 Repair, IC693CBL313 Repair, IC693CBL300 Repair, IC693CBL314 Repair. GE Fanuc Field Control - IC670 / Alspa CE80-20 Repair:IC670ACC001 Repair, IC670ACC002 Repair, IC670ACC003 Repair, IC670ALG230 Repair, IC670ALG240 Repair, IC670ALG310 Repair, IC670ALG320 Repair, IC670ALG330 Repair, IC670ALG620 Repair, IC670ALG630 Repair, IC670CBL002 Repair, IC670CBL003 Repair, IC670CBL004 Repair, IC670CHS001 Repair, IC670CHS002 Repair, IC670CHS003 Repair, IC670CHS004 Repair, IC670CHS101 Repair, IC670CHS102 Repair, IC670CHS103 Repair, IC670GBI002 Repair, IC670GBI102 Repair, IC670MDD441 Repair, IC670MDL233 Repair, IC670MDL240 Repair, IC670MDL241 Repair, IC670MDL330 Repair, IC670MDL331 Repair, IC670MDL640 Repair, IC670MDL641 Repair, IC670MDL642 Repair, IC670MDL643 Repair, IC670MDL644 Repair, IC670MDL730 Repair, IC670MDL740 Repair, IC670MDL742 Repair, IC670MDL930 Repair, IC670MFP100 Repair, IC670PBI001 Repair, IC670TBM001 Repair, IC670TBM002 Repair,.GE Fanuc Genius I/O - IC660 / Alspa CE80-15 Repair:IC660BBA020 Repair, IC660BBA021 Repair, IC660BBA023 Repair, IC660BBA024 Repair, IC660BBA025 Repair, IC660BBA026 Repair, IC660BBA100 Repair, IC660BBA101 Repair, IC660BBA103 Repair, IC660BBA104 Repair, IC660BBA105 Repair, IC660BBA106 Repair, IC660BBD020 Repair, IC660BBD021 Repair, IC660BBD022 Repair, IC660BBD023 Repair, IC660BBD024 Repair, IC660BBD025 Repair, IC660BBD100 Repair, IC660BBD101 Repair, IC660BBD110 Repair, IC660BBD120 Repair, IC660BBR100 Repair, IC660BBR101 Repair, IC660BBS100 Repair, IC660BBS101 Repair, IC660BBS102 Repair, IC660BBS103 Repair, IC660BCM501 Repair, IC660BLM506 Repair, IC660BLM507 Repair, IC660BLM508 Repair, IC660BPM100 Repair, IC660BPM500 Repair, IC660BRD020 Repair, IC660BRD021 Repair, IC660BSM021 Repair, IC660BSM120 Repair, IC660CBB902 Repair, IC660CBB903 Repair, IC660EBA020 Repair, IC660EBA021 Repair, IC660EBA023 Repair, IC660EBA024 Repair, IC660EBA025 Repair, IC660EBA026 Repair, IC660EBA100 Repair, IC660EBA101 Repair, IC660EBA103 Repair, IC660EBA104 Repair, IC660EBA105 Repair, IC660EBA106 Repair, IC660EBD020 Repair, IC660EBD021 Repair, IC660EBD024 Repair, IC660EBD025 Repair, IC660EBD100 Repair, IC660EBD101 Repair, IC660EBD110 Repair, IC660EBD120 Repair, IC660EBR100 Repair, IC660EBR101 Repair, IC660EBS101 Repair, IC660EBS102 Repair, IC660EBS103 Repair, IC660ELB905 Repair, IC660ELB906 Repair, IC660ELB910 Repair, IC660ELB912 Repair, IC660ELB921 Repair, IC660ELB922 Repair, IC660ELB931 Repair, IC660EPM100 Repair, IC660HHC005 Repair, IC660HHM501 Repair, IC660HHM502 Repair, IC660MPH509 Repair, IC660TBA021 Repair, IC660TBA023 Repair, IC660TBA024 Repair, IC660TBA025 Repair, IC660TBA026 Repair, IC660TBA101 Repair, IC660TBA103 Repair, IC660TBA105 Repair, IC660TBA106 Repair, IC660TBD022 Repair, IC660TBD023 Repair, IC660TBD024 Repair, IC660TBD025 Repair, IC660TBD110 Repair, IC660TBD120 Repair, IC660TBR100 Repair, IC660TBR101 Repair, IC660TPM100 Repair, IC660TSA020 Repair, IC660TSA100 Repair, IC660TSD020 Repair, IC660TSD021 Repair, IC660TSD100 Repair, IC660TSS100 Repair. GE Fanuc Series One 1 - IC610 Repair:IC610ACC100 Repair, IC610ACC150 Repair, IC610ACC151 Repair, IC610ACC152 Repair, IC610ACC155 Repair, IC610ACC156 Repair, IC610BAT100 Repair, IC610CCM100 Repair, IC610CCM105 Repair, IC610CCM110 Repair, IC610CCM111 Repair, IC610CHS100 Repair, IC610CHS101 Repair, IC610CHS110 Repair, IC610CHS111 Repair, IC610CHS124 Repair, IC610CHS130 Repair, IC610CPU101 Repair, IC610CPU104 Repair, IC610CPU105 Repair, IC610CPU106 Repair, IC610MDL100 Repair, IC610MDL101 Repair, IC610MDL100A Repair, IC610MDL100B Repair, IC610MDL100C Repair, IC610MDL101A Repair, IC610MDL101B Repair, IC610MDL101C Repair, IC610MDL102 Repair, IC610MDL102A Repair, IC610MDL102B Repair, IC610MDL103 Repair, IC610MDL104 Repair, IC610MDL105 Repair, IC610MDL106 Repair, IC610MDL107 Repair, IC610MDL110 Repair, IC610CHS110A Repair, IC610CHS110B Repair, IC610CHS110C Repair, IC610MDL111 Repair, IC610MDL112 Repair, IC610MDL115 Repair, IC610MDL116 Repair, IC610CHS120 Repair, IC610CHS120A Repair, IC610CHS120B Repair, IC610CHS120C Repair, IC610MDL124 Repair, IC610MDL125 Repair, IC610MDL126 Repair, IC610MDL127 Repair, IC610MDL129 Repair, IC610MDL135 Repair, IC610MDL151; IC610MDL152 Repair, IC610MDL153 Repair, IC610MDL154 Repair, IC610MDL155 Repair, IC610MDL156 Repair, IC610MDL157 Repair, IC610MDL158 Repair, IC610MDL166 Repair, IC610MDL175 Repair, IC610MDL175B Repair, IC610MDL176 Repair, IC610MDL179 Repair, IC610MDL180 Repair, IC610MDL181 Repair, IC610MDL182 Repair, IC610MDL185 Repair, IC610PER151 Repair, IC610PER154 Repair, IC610PER155 Repair, IC610PRG100 Repair, IC610PRG105 Repair, IC610PRG110 Repair, IC610PRG115 Repair, IC610PRG116 Repair, IC610PRG117 Repair. GE Fanuc Series Three 3 - IC630 Repair:IC630CCM300 Repair, IC630CCM310 Repair, IC630CCM311 Repair, IC630CCM390 Repair, IC630CHS304 Repair, IC630CHS306 Repair, IC630CHS308 Repair, IC630CPU301 Repair, IC630MDL301 Repair, IC630MDL302 Repair, IC630MDL303 Repair, IC630MDL304 Repair, IC630MDL306 Repair, IC630MDL310 Repair, IC630MDL311; IC630MDL316 Repair, IC630MDL324 Repair, IC630MDL325 Repair, IC630MDL326 Repair, IC630MDL327 Repair, IC630MDL351 Repair, IC630MDL352; IC630MDL353 Repair, IC630MDL354 Repair, IC630MDL356 Repair, IC630MDL357 Repair, IC630MDL366 Repair, IC630MDL367 Repair, IC630MDL368 Repair, IC630MDL375 Repair, IC630MDL376 Repair, IC630MDL380 Repair, IC630PWR300 Repair, IC630PWR310 Repair, IC630PWR320 Repair. GE Fanuc Series Five 5 - IC655 Repair:IC655ACC549 Repair, IC655ACC550 Repair, IC655ACC552 Repair, IC655ALG516 Repair, IC655ALG566 Repair, IC655ALG567 Repair, IC655APU500 Repair, IC655APU510 Repair, IC655APU521 Repair, IC655BEM500 Repair, IC655BEM510 Repair, IC655BEM530 Repair, IC655CCM500 Repair, IC655CCM590 Repair, IC655CHS506 Repair, IC655CHS508 Repair, IC655CHS590 Repair, IC655CPU500 Repair, IC655MDL501 Repair, IC655MDL502 Repair, IC655MDL503 Repair, IC655MDL511 Repair, IC655MDL512 Repair, IC655MDL524 Repair, IC655MDL525 Repair, IC655MDL526 Repair, IC655MDL527 Repair, IC655MDL533 Repair, IC655MDL551 Repair, IC655MDL552 Repair, IC655MDL555 Repair, IC655MDL556 Repair, IC655MDL575 Repair, IC655MDL576 Repair, IC655MDL577 Repair, IC655MDL580, IC655MDL581 Repair, IC655MDL586 Repair, IC655MDL593 Repair, IC655MEM501 Repair, IC655MEM503 Repair, IC655MEM512 Repair, IC655MEM513 Repair, IC655MEM521 Repair, IC655PER500 Repair, IC655PWR500 Repair, IC655PWR501 Repair, IC655PWR514 Repair, IC655MDL5-11 Repair, IC655MDL55-1 Repair, IC655PER500C Repair, IC655PER500B Repair. GE Fanuc Series Six 6 - IC600 Repair:IC600BF800 Repair, IC600BF801 Repair, IC600BF802 Repair, IC600BF804 Repair, IC600BF805 Repair, IC600BF806 Repair, IC600BF808 Repair, IC600BF810 Repair, IC600BF811 Repair, IC600BF813 Repair, IC600BF814 Repair, IC600BF815 Repair, IC600BF816 Repair, IC600BF817 Repair, IC600BF818 Repair, IC600BF819 Repair, IC600BF827 Repair, IC600BF830 Repair, IC600BF831 Repair, IC600BF832 Repair, IC600BF841 Repair, IC600BF842 Repair, IC600BF843 Repair, IC600BF843L Repair, IC600BF900 Repair, IC600BF901 Repair, IC600BF902 Repair, IC600BF903 Repair, IC600BF904 Repair, IC600BF905 Repair, IC600BF906 Repair, IC600BF907 Repair, IC600BF908 Repair, IC600BF909 Repair, IC600BF911 Repair, IC600BF912 Repair, IC600BF913 Repair, IC600BF914 Repair, IC600BF915 Repair, IC600BF917 Repair, IC600BF921 Repair, IC600BF923 Repair, IC600BF924 Repair, IC600BF929 Repair, IC600BF930 Repair, IC600BF940 Repair, IC600BF941 Repair, IC600BF942 Repair, IC600BF943 Repair, IC600BF944 Repair. IC600BF945 Repair, IC600BF946 Repair, IC600BF947 Repair, IC600BF948 Repair, IC600BF949 Repair, IC600BF950 Repair, IC600CB500 Repair, IC600CB501 Repair, IC600CB502 Repair, IC600CB503 Repair, IC600CB504 Repair, IC600CB507 Repair, IC600CB508 Repair, IC600CB511 Repair, IC600CB512 Repair, IC600CB513 Repair, IC600CB514 Repair, IC600CB515 Repair, IC600CB515L Repair, IC600CB516 Repair, IC600CB517 Repair, IC600CB524 Repair, IC600CB524K Repair, IC600CB525 Repair, IC600CB526 Repair, IC600CB527 Repair, IC600CB536 Repair, IC600CB537 Repair, IC600CM542 Repair, IC600CM544 Repair, IC600CM548 Repair, IC600CM552 Repair, IC600CM554 Repair, IC600CP610 Repair, IC600CP612 Repair, IC600CP615 Repair, IC600CP620 Repair, IC600CP624 Repair, IC600CP625 Repair, IC600CP630 Repair, IC600CP634 Repair, IC600CP635 Repair, IC600CR610 Repair, IC600CR620 Repair, IC600LR605 Repair, IC600LR612 Repair, IC600LR616 Repair, IC600LR624 Repair, IC600LR648 Repair, IC600LX605 Repair, IC600LX612 Repair, IC600LX616 Repair, IC600LX624 Repair, IC600LX648 Repair, IC600LX680 Repair, IC600PM500 Repair, IC600PM501 Repair, IC600PM502 Repair, IC600PM503 Repair, IC600PM504 Repair, IC600PM506 Repair, IC600PM507 Repair, IC600PM508 Repair, IC600PM541 Repair, IC600PM542 Repair, IC600PM543 Repair, IC600PM544 Repair, IC600PM546 Repair, IC600PM548 Repair, IC600RB750 Repair, IC600RB751 Repair, IC600RB752 Repair, IC600RB753 Repair, IC600RM715 Repair, IC600RM716 Repair, IC600RP551 Repair, IC600RP554 Repair, IC600WD002 Repair, IC600WD005 Repair, IC600WD010 Repair, IC600WD025 Repair, IC600WD050 Repair, IC600WD100 Repair, IC600WD200 Repair, IC600WD500 Repair, IC600WH002 Repair, IC600WH005 Repair, IC600WH010 Repair, IC600WJ001 Repair, IC600WK010 Repair, IC600YB800 Repair, IC600YB801 Repair, IC600YB802 Repair, IC600YB804 Repair, IC600YB805 Repair, IC600YB806 Repair, IC600YB808 Repair, IC600YB810 Repair, IC600YB811 Repair, IC600YB813 Repair, IC600YB814 Repair, IC600YB815 Repair, IC600YB816 Repair, IC600YB817 Repair, IC600YB818 Repair, IC600YB819 Repair, IC600YB827 Repair, IC600YB830 Repair, IC600YB831 Repair, IC600YB832 Repair, IC600YB841 Repair, IC600YB842 Repair, IC600YB843 Repair, IC600YB900 Repair, IC600YB901 Repair, IC600YB902 Repair, IC600YB903 Repair, IC600YB904 Repair, IC600YB905 Repair, IC600YB906 Repair, IC600YB907 Repair, IC600YB908 Repair, IC600YB909 Repair, IC600YB910 Repair, IC600YB911 Repair, IC600YB912 Repair, IC600YB913 Repair, IC600YB914 Repair, IC600YB915 Repair, IC600YB917 Repair, IC600YB921 Repair, IC600YB923 Repair, IC600YB924 Repair, IC600YB929 Repair, IC600YB930 Repair, IC600YB940 Repair, IC600YB941 Repair, IC600YB942 Repair, IC600YB943 Repair, IC600YB944 Repair, IC600YB945 Repair, IC600YB946 Repair, IC600YB947 Repair, IC600YB948 Repair, IC600YB949 Repair, IC600YB950 Repair, IC600YR501 Repair, IC600YR510 Repair, IC600YR511 Repair, IC600YR550 Repair, IC600YR551 Repair, IC600YR554 Repair, IC600YR555 Repair, IC600YR560 Repair, IC600YR561 Repair, IC600YR565 Repair, IC660CBB900 Repair, IC660CBB901 Repair, IC660CBB902 Repair, IC660CBB903 Repair. 
GE Fanuc Panel HMI Touch screen - Data-Panel IC752, Quick-Panel IC754  Repair:DataPanel model 20 Repair, DataPanel model 40 Repair, DataPanel model 45 Repair,DataPanel model 60 Repair, DataPanel model 65 Repair, DataPanel model 85 Repair, DataPanel model 150 Repair: IC752DFT000-AB Repair, DataPanel model 160 Repair: IC752DSX000A Repair, IC752DSX000-BB Repair, DataPanel model 240E Repair, Data Panel 240T Repair: IC752BDT000-CC Repair, IC752DSX000A Control Panel Repair, TOUCH VIEW GRAPHIC FLAT PANEL Model : 7000-110 Repair, IC752DPH000-BB Data Panel Model H Repair, IC752DSX000-DC Repair, IC752BDT100-CB Repair, IC752BDT100-FD Repair, IC752DFT000-FF Repair, IC752DPH000-BC Repair, IC752DPH000A Repair, IC754VSI12CTD Repair, IC620ACC003A OPERATOR INTERFACE Repair, IC600KD510E Repair, IWS-1623-GE Repair, IC5002TAW0000-ED Repair, IC5002 Repair, IC750CTR200 Repair, IC750LCD220B Repair, Quick panel Control Repair, QuickPanel Control Repair, IC754CSL06CTD-JG Repair, QUICKPANEL ES0601 Repair : IC754VSI06MTD-EF Repair, IC754CSL06CTD-HF Repair, E6E1B Repair, QPI31200C2P Repair, QPI31200C2P-A Repair, IC754CSL6CTD-NL Repair, IC754ACC64MEM-A Repair, IC754CGL06CTD Repair, IC754VGI06STD-BB Repair, GE Fanuc Quickpanel Mini Repair, Pro-Face Graphic Panel Repair: GQPM-DEM-L02 Repair, GP37W-LG11-24V Repair, GQPM2D100L2P-A Repair.