Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Galil Motion Controls Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Galil Motion Controls industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Galil Motion Controls Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

AB79100-IO Repair, AB79100-OPTO Repair, AB79100-TH Repair, AB79400 Repair, AB79600 Repair, AMC-10A8E Repair,
AMPLIFIER AMP-1110 Repair, AMP-1120 Repair, AMP11-30 Repair, AMP-1140 Repair, AMP-19540 Repair, AMP-71 Repair, AMP-72 Repair, AMP-73 Repair, AMP-74 Repair, MSA-1280 Repair, PC-MATE-10 Repair.
Alimentation POWER SUPPLY CDS-3310 Repair, CPS-1224 Repair, CPS-1540 Repair, CPS-1580 Repair, CPS-472 Repair, CPS-648 Repair;
Variateur positionnement MOTION CONTROL DMC-210 Repair, DMC-220 Repair, DMC-230 Repair, DMC-510 Repair, DMC-520 Repair, DMC-530 Repair, DMC-610 Repair, DMC-612 Repair, DMC-620 Repair, DMC-622 Repair, DMC-630 Repair, DMC-700 Repair; DMC-710 Repair; DMC-720 Repair; DMC-730 Repair; DMC-740 Repair; DMC-1010 Repair, DMC-1020 Repair, DMC-1030 Repair, DMC-1040 Repair, DMC-1080 Repair, DMC-1415 Repair, DMC-1425 Repair, DMC-1500 Repair, DMC-1510 Repair, DMC-1520 Repair, DMC-1530 Repair, DMC-1540 Repair, DMC 1540-72OPT1 Repair, DMC1540-72OPT2 Repair, DMC-1740 Repair, DMC-1780 Repair, DMC-1836 Repair, DMC-1840 Repair, DMC-1850 Repair,DMC-2020 Repair, DMC-2030 Repair, DMC-2080 Repair, ENCODEUR N341501000 Repair, OP750 PCMATE-10321 Repair, PCMATE-10322 Repair, PCMATE-10323 Repair, PCMATE-10641 Repair, PCMATE-10642 Repair, PCMATE-10643 Repair, SBA-1080  Repair.