Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd. is your one stop solution for Fuji ndustrial Electronics Repairs services.From Fuji  Drive,Fuji  Servo Drive,Fuji  DC Drive, Fuji  AC Drive ,Fuji  Servo Amplifier,Fuji PLC Repair,Fuji  Spindle Drive,Fuji  Inverter Drive to Fuji  VFD we have the capabilities to repair and service all Fuji industrial automation products.

Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all Fuji Industrial Electronics products such 
as Fuji Drive Repair,Fuji Servo Drive Repair,Fuji  DC Drive Repair, Fuji AC Drive Repair,Fuji PLC Repair,Fuji  Servo Amplifier Repair,Fuji  Spindle Drive Repair,Fuji Inverter Drive Repair,Fuji VFD Repair..etc

Here are some of the ABB Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:
14KVA Repair, 2MBI100NC-120 Repair, 2MBI150NC-120 Repair, 2MBI150UB120 Repair, 2MBI200N-120 Repair, 2MBI300NT-120 Repair, 2MBI75N-120 Repair, 2MBI75UA120 Repair, 6DI50A-060 Repair, 7MBI50N-120 Repair, 7MBR15NE-120 Repair, A06B-6035 Repair, A06B-6047-H002 Repair, A06B-6047-H041 Repair, A20B-0004-017 Repair, A20B-0004-017 Repair, A20B-0004-017' Repair, A50L-0001-0125 Repair, ELV3150 Repair, EVL31-050 Repair, EVL3150Repair, FDS DN Repair, FPF8050HRUM Repair, FR075G7N-4 Repair, FRN11G9S-4 Repair, FRN11G9S-4SL Repair, FRN18.5G9S-4EN Repair, FRN2.2G11S-4EN Repair, FRN7.5G11F-4N Repair, FRN7.5G954E Repair, FRN7.5G9S-4EX Repair, FRN90 Repair, FVR008G7S-4EX Repair, FVR037G7-4 Repair, FVR075G7N-4 Repair, FVR075G7N-4-TH Repair, FVR1-5E9S-2 Repair, FVR2.2E9S-7EN Repair, FVR4.09S-4EN Repair, FVRE7S-4EX Repair, QUIX3E Repair, RF3180 Repair, TCH-2SRepair.