Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Dornier Acumen Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Dornier industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Dornier Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

0389190 Dornier Start-Stop, 0899190 Dornier SSG103 Repairs, 389046  Dornier WM-Control Module Repairs, 389157 Dornier Warp-Let-Off Repairs, 389157C Dornier Warp-Let-Off Repairs, 389170 Dornier WM-Control Module  Repairs, 389180 Dornier WM-Control Module Repairs, 389185 Dornier WM-Control Module Repairs, 389189 Dornier Start-Stop Repairs, 389190 Dornier Start-Stop Repairs, 389190-b Dornier SGG103N4 Repairs, 389208 Dornier WM-Control Module Repairs, 389257 Dornier Warp-Let-Off  Repairs, 389300 DornierAT-Control Repairs, 389301 DornierAT-Control Repairs, 389310 Dornier AT-Start-Stop Repairs, 389311 Dornier AT-Start-Stop Repairs, 389312 DornierAT-start-stop Repairs, 389313 DornierAT-Start-Stop Repairs, 389314 Dornier AT-Start-Stop Module Repairs, 389315 Dornier AT-Start-Stop Repairs, 389329 Dornier AT-Warp-Let-Off Repairs, 389343 Dornier leno-can-module Repairs, 3893812 Dornier AT-Control Repairs, 389412 Dornier AT-VDI Repairs, 389423 Dornier AT-airjet Repairs, 389436 Dornier GHP00061 Repairs, 389460 Dornier Warp-Let-Off Repairs, 389465 Dornier Warp-Let-Off  Repairs, 38947  Dornier AT-take-up Repairs, 389475 Dornier AT-take-up Repairs, 389481 Dornier AT-VDI-Jacquard Repairs, 389482 Dornier AT-VDI-Jacquard Repairs, 389539 Dornier AT-moto-leno Repairs, 389548 Dornier AT-Control Repairs, 389622 Dornier AT-inching board Repairs, 389625 Dornier AT-Inching board Repairs, 389677 Dornier AT-Inching board Repairs, 389759 Dornier Motor Repairs, 389773 Dornier Frequenzumformer Repairs, 389941Dornier AT-Start-Stop Repairs, 392641Dornier AT-Start-Stop Repairs, 793414 Dornier Warp-Let-Off Repairs, DS308.2 Dornier Start-Stop Repairs, DS308.3 Dornier Start-Stop Repairs, DS308.3S Dornier Start-Stop Repairs, DS905.1 Dornier Start-Stop Repairs, Dornier FHT2-110-4.9 LD Repairs, Dornier 2HLD-11091-376 Repairs, Dornier SGG103N3 Repairs, Dornier Start-Stop Repairs, SSG-REG102/2N4 Dornier Start-Stop Repairs, SSG102 Dornier Start-Stop Repairs, SSG102/1 Dornier Start-Stop Repairs, SSG102/101 Dornier Start-Stop Repairs, SSG102/1N5 Dornier Start-Stop Repairs, SSG102N1 Dornier Start-Stop Repairs, SSG103 Dornier Start-Stop Repairs, SSG103/N5 Dornier Start-Stop Repairs, SSG103N3 Dornier Start-Stop Repairs etc…