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Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for all Delem Industrial Electronics Repairs services. From Delem Axis Controller,Delem 3 Axis Controller,Delem 4 Axis Contoller,Delem CRT,Delem Dispaly panel,Delem Y Axix Contoller,Delem Servo Controller to Delem Axis card, we have the capabilities to repair and service all Delem industrial automation products.

Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all Delem Industrial Electronics products such as Delem Axis Controller Repair,Delem 3 Axis Controller Repair,Delem 4 Axis Contoller Repair,Delem CRT Repair,Delem Dispaly panelRepair,Delem Y Axis Contoller Repair,Delem Servo Controller Repair,Delem Axis card Repair etc...