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Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Danfoss Industrial Electronics Repairs services. From Danfoss  Drive,Danfoss Servo Drive,Danfoss DC Drive, Danfoss AC Drive ,Danfoss Servo Amplifier,Danfoss Spindle Drive,Danfoss AC Drive to Danfoss VFD

Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all Danfoss Industrial Electronics products, such as Danfoss Servo Drive Repair,Danfoss Servo Amplifier Repair,Danfoss Spindle Drive Repair,Danfoss AC Drive Repair, Danfoss VFD Repair, Danfoss DC Drive Repair. 

Here are some of the Danfoss Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:
195-H-6527 Repair, 195N3101 Repair, AKC-115A Repair, AKC-25H5 Repair, BAO-2C Repair, DACI-TA-24-150-GB Repair, EKS-65 Repair, FCM315 Repair, MAG1100  Repair, MAG5000 Repair, MAG-2500 Repair, MAG-5000 Repair, MAG3000-083F3022 Repair, MASS-6000 Repair, MCD-202-007-T4-CV1 Repair, MCD3037-T5-B21-CV4 Repair, MCI-30-I-O Repair, MSD-1030 Repair, MSD-1450 Repair, MSD-1570 Repair, MSD-2.0 Repair, MSD-33 Repair, MSD-45 Repair, VARISPEED-600 Repair, VCP351-B-RD Repair, VEM-340-P-T4-C66 Repair, VLA-31-175U0027 Repair, VLA-51-175U0010  Repair, 195X0008 Repair, 175H7224 Repair, 175H7242 Repair, 195N0001 Repair, 195N1001 Repair, 3016 Repair, 3508HV-AC Repair, ESG1.460A Repair, VLT35-11HV-AC Repair, 175H2907 Repair.
Variateur VLT100 : Danfoss VLT 100 obsolete Inverter Drives Repair : 
VLT-101-175-B-5056 Repair, VLT-101-175B5056 Repair, VLT-103-175B6007 Repair, VLT-1010-175-G3010 Repair, VLT-103-175-B6007 Repair, VLT-111-175-B7001 Repair, VLT-175-B5032 Repair, VLT-175Z0825 Repair, 175B5031 Danfoss VLT101 1.2Kw Inverter  Repair, 175B7004 VLT115 5Kw Inverter Repair, VLT1010 175G3010 Repair, VLT1015 175G3015 Repair, VLT1020 175G3020 Repair.
Variateur VLT200 : Danfoss VLT 200 obsolete Inverter Drives Repair :
VLT-207-175F0006 Repair, VLT-207-175F0007 Repair, VLT-207-175F0008 DANFOSS Repair, VLT-207-175F1183 Repair, VLT-207-175-F3005 Repair, VLT-207-175XO773 Repair, VLT-207-175F0007Repair, VLT-210-175-F6063 Repair, VLT-215-175F0081 Repair, VLT-230-175F0058 Repair, 175F3005 VLT207 7.5Kw Inverter Repair.
Variateur VLT2000 : Danfoss VLT 2000 Inverter Drives Repair : 
VLT 2010 Repair, VLT 2015 Repair, VLT 2020 Repair, VLT 2030 Repair, VLT 2040 Repair, VLT 2050 Repair, VLT 2020Repair, VLT 2025 Repair, VLT 2030 Repair, VLT 2040 Repair, VLT 2050 Repair, VLT 2060 Repair, VLT2010 Repair, VLT2015 Repair, VLT2020 Repair, VLT2030 Repair, VLT2040 Repair, VLT2050 Repair, VLT2020 Repair, VLT2025 Repair, VLT2030 Repair, VLT2040 Repair, VLT2050 Repair, VLT2060 Repair, VLT-2020-195-H3105 Repair, VLT 2020-195-H3301 Repair, VLT-2020 195-H3401 Repair, VLT-2030-195-H0130 Repair, VLT-2030-195-H3107 Repair, VLT-2030-195-H3305 Repair, VLT-2040-195-H-3407 DANFOSS Repair, VLT-2040-195H3307 Repair, VLT-2050-175-F0002 Repair, VLT-2050-195-H3309 Repair, VLT-2050-195-H3409 Repair, VLT-2060-195-H3311 Repair, VLT-2008 Repair, VLT-2010-195-H-0110 Repair, VLT-2010-195-H-3101 Repair, VLT-2015-195-H-0115 Repair, VLT-2015-195-H-3103 Repair, VLT-2020-195-H-3205 Repair, VLT-2020-195-H-3901 Repair. 
Variateur VLT3000 - VLT3500 : Danfoss VLT 3000 Inverter Drives - VLT 3500  Repair : 
VLT-3002 Repair, VLT-3003 Repair, VLT-3004 Repair, VLT-3006 Repair, VLT-3008 Repair, VLT-3011 Repair, VLT-3016 Repair, VLT-3022 Repair, VLT-3032 Repair, VLT-3042 Repair, VLT-3052 Repair, VLT-3060 Repair, VLT-3075 Repair, VLT-3100 Repair, VLT-3125 Repair, VLT-3150 Repair, VLT-3200 Repair, VLT-3250 Repair, VLT-3504 Repair, VLT-3505 Repair, VLT-3511  Repair, VLT3002 Repair, VLT3011 Repair, VLT3060 Repair, VLT3075 Repair, VLT3100 Repair, VLT3125 Repair, VLT3150 Repair, VLT3200 Repair, VLT3250  Repair, 175H7045 Repair, 175H7068 Repair, 175H7238  Repair, Danfoss VLT-3002 Repair, VLT3004 175H7246 Repair, 175H7240 Repair, 175H7241 Repair, 175H7242 Repair, 175H7244 Repair, VLT3003 Repair, VLT3004 Repair, 175H7248 Repair, 175H7264 Repair, VLT3006 Repair, 175H7266 Repair, 175H7268 Repair, VLT3008 Repair, 175H7270 Repair, 175H7281 Repair, Danfoss 11kw Inverter VLT3016 Repair, 175H7282 Repair, 175H7288 Repair, 175H7289 Repair, VLT3022 Repair, 175H7293 Repair, 175H8256 Repair, 175L3000 Repair, VLT 3060 Repair, 175L300395 Repair, VLT3125 116KVA AC Drive Repair, 175L3216 Repair, 175N0101 Repair, 175H2916 Repair, 175H2918 22Kw Inverter Repair, 175H2920 Repair, 175H2924 Repair, VLT3542 Repair, 175H3079 Repair, 175H3082 Repair, 175H3137 Repair, VLT-3008 7.5kw inverter Repair, 175H4133 VLT-3002 Repair, 175H4666 Repair, 175H4760 Repair, 175H5030 Repair, VLT3522 Inverter Repair, 175H5392 Repair, 175H6199 Repair, 175N0104 Repair, 175H1010 Repair, 175H1011 Repair, 175H1026 Repair, 175H1030 Repair, 175H1250 VLT3032 Repair, 175H1259 Repair, 175H1678 Repair, 175H1682 Repair, VLT3042 Repair, VLT3052 175H1692 Repair, VLT 3500 : VLT3504 175H1697 Repair, 175H5017 Repair, VLT3505 175H2905 Repair, 175H5019 Repair, 175H2906 Repair, VLT3511 175H2909 Repair, VLT3502 175H5014 Repair, 175H5015 Repair, 175H2902 Repair, 175H1695 Repair, 175H1696 Repair, VLT3504 175H5016 Repair, 175H2904 Repair, 175H8858 Repair, VLT3505 175H5018 Repair, 175H1699 Repair, 176H1698 Repair, 175H1700 VLT3508 176H5020 Repair, 175H5021 Repair, 175H2908 Repair, 175H1701 Repair, 175H1702 Repair, VLT3511 175H5022 Repair, 175H5023 Repair, 175H2910 Repair, 175H1703 Repair, 175H1704 Repair, VLT3516 175H5025 Repair, 175H5027 Repair, 175H2913 Repair, 175H2914 Repair, 175H1705 Repair, 175H1706 Repair, 175H1707 Repair, 175H1708 Repair, VLT3522 175H5029 Repair, 175H5031 Repair, 175H2917 Repair, 175H1709 Repair, 175H1711 Repair, 175H1712 Repair, VLT3532 175H5033 Repair, 175H5035 Repair, 175H2921 Repair, 175H2922 Repair, 175H1710 Repair, 175H1713 Repair, 175H1714 Repair, 175H1715 Repair, 175H1716 Repair, VLT3542 175H5037 Repair, 175H5039 Repair, 175H2925 Repair, 175H2926 Repair, 175H1717 Repair, 175H1718 Repair, 175H1719 Repair, 175H1720 Repair, VLT3552 175H5041 Repair, 175H5043 Repair, 175H2929 Repair, 175H1721 Repair, 175H1722 Repair, 175H1723 Repair, 175H1724 Repair, VLT3562 175H5045 Repair, 175H5047 Repair, 175H2933 Repair, 175H2934 Repair, 175H1725 Repair, 175H1726 Repair, 175H1727 Repair, VLT3575 175L3014 Repair, 175L3021 Repair, 175L3714 Repair, 175L3715 Repair, VLT3600 175L3015 Repair, 175L3022 Repair, 175L3716 Repair, 175L3717 Repair, VLT3625 175L3016 Repair, 175L3023 Repair, 175L3718 Repair, 175L3719 Repair, VLT3650 175L3017 Repair, 175L3024 Repair, 175L3721 Repair, 175L3720 Repair, VLT3700 175L3018 Repair, 175L3025 Repair, 175L3722 Repair, 175L3723 Repair, VLT3750 175L3019 Repair, 175L3026 Repair, 175L3724 Repair, 175L3725 Repair, VLT3800 175L3020 Repair, 175L3027 Repair, 175L3726 Repair, 175L3727 Repair.
Variateur VLT2800 : Danfoss VLT 2800 Inverter Drives Repair : 
VLT-2803 Repair, VLT2803 Repair, VLT-2805 Repair, VLT2805 Repair, VLT-2805-PT4B20 Repair, VLT-2807 Repair, VLT2807 Repair, VLT-2811 Repair, VLT2811 Repair, VLT-2815 Repair, VLT2815 Repair, VLT-2822 Repair, VLT2822 Repair, VLT-2830 Repair, VLT2830 Repair, VLT-2840 Repair, VLT2840 Repair, VLT-2855 Repair, VLT2855 Repair, VLT-2875 Repair, VLT2875 Repair, VLT-2880 Repair, VLT2880 Repair, VLT-2881 Repair, VLT2881 Repair, VLT-2882 Repair, VLT2882 Repair, 175N0131 Repair, 175Z0850 Repair, 175Z0929 Repair, 175N0128 Repair, 195N3113 Repair, 195N1900 Repair, 195N1901 Repair, 195N1902 Repair, 195N3110 Repair, 195N3103 Repair, 195N3100 Repair, 195N3101 Repair, VLT-2800-195-N1002 Repair, VLT-2800-195-N1005 Repair, VLT-2803-195-N0003 Repair, VLT-2803-195-N0008 Repair, VLT-2803-195-N1065 Repair, VLT-2803-195-N0001 Repair, VLT-2805-195-N1001 Repair, VLT-2805-195-N1002 Repair, VLT-2805-195-N1003 DANFOSS Repair, VLT-2805-195-N1007 Repair, VLT-2805-195-N0015 Repair, VLT-2805-195-N0019 Repair, VLT-2807-195-N1013 Repair, VLT-2807-195-N1015 Repair, VLT-2807-195-N0027 Repair, VLT-2811-195-N1025 DANFOSS Repair, VLT-2811-195-N1027 Repair, VLT-2815-195-N1037 Repair, VLT-2815-195-N1043 Repair. 
Variateur VLT5000 : Danfoss VLT 5000 Inverter Drives Repair : 
VLT5001 Repair, VLT-5001 Repair, 175Z0034 Repair, 175Z0119 Repair, 175Z0233 Repair, VLT5002 Repair, VLT-5002 Repair, 175Z0040 Repair, 175Z0125 Repair, 175Z0245 Repair, VLT5003 Repair, VLT-5003 Repair, 175Z0046 Repair, 175Z0131 Repair, 175Z0257 Repair, VLT5004 Repair, VLT-5004 Repair, 175Z0052 Repair, 175Z0137 Repair, 175Z0269 Repair, VLT5005 Repair, VLT-5005 Repair, 175Z0058 Repair, 175Z0143 Repair, 175Z0281 Repair, VLT5006 Repair, VLT-5006 Repair, 175Z0064 Repair, 175Z0149 Repair, 175Z0293 Repair, VLT5008 Repair, VLT-5008 Repair, 175Z0070 Repair, 175Z0155 Repair, 175Z0305 Repair, VLT5011 Repair, VLT-5011 Repair, 175Z0076 Repair, 175Z0161 Repair, 175Z0317 Repair, VLT5016 Repair, VLT-5016 Repair, VLT 5016 Repair, 175Z3595 Repair, 175Z3684 Repair, 175Z4099 Repair, 175Z4105 Repair, VLT5022 Repair, VLT-5022 Repair, 175Z4117 Repair, 175Z4123 Repair, VLT5027 Repair, VLT-5027 Repair, 175Z4135 Repair, 175Z4141 Repair, VLT5032 Repair, VLT-5032 Repair, 175Z4153 Repair, 175Z4159 Repair, 175Z2640 Repair, VLT5042 Repair, VLT-5042 Repair, 175Z4171 Repair, 175Z4177 Repair, VLT5052 Repair, VLT-5052 Repair, 175Z4189 Repair, 175Z4195 Repair, VLT5060 Repair, VLT-5060 Repair, 176F0010 Repair, 176F0022 Repair, 176F0028 Repair, VLT5075 Repair, VLT-5075 Repair, 176F0040 Repair, 176F0052 Repair, 176F0058 Repair, VLT5100 Repair, VLT-5100 Repair, 176F0070 Repair, 176F0082 Repair, 176F0088 Repair, VLT5125 Repair, VLT-5125 Repair, 176F0100 Repair, 176F0112 Repair, 176F0118 Repair, VLT5150 Repair, VLT-5150 Repair, 176F0130 Repair, 176F0142 Repair, 176F0148 Repair, VLT5200 Repair, VLT-5200 Repair, 176F0160 Repair, 176F0172 Repair, 176F0178 Repair, VLT5250 Repair, VLT-5250 Repair, 176F0190 Repair, 176F0202 Repair, 176F0208 Repair, VLT5300 Repair, VLT-5300 Repair, VLT5350 Repair, VLT-5350 Repair, VLT5450 Repair, VLT-5450 Repair, VLT5500 Repair, VLT-5500 Repair, 175Z0401 Repair, 175Z0850 Repair, 175Z7802 Repair, 175Z0929 Repair, 175Z0833 Repair, 175Z3029 Repair, 175Z3055 Repair, 175Z3057 Repair, 175Z3053 Repair, 175Z3056 Repair, 175Z1929 Repair, 175Z2500 Repair, 175Z2901 Repair, 175Z3463 Repair, 175Z3245 Repair, 175Z3467 Repair, 175Z0404 Repair, 175Z2625 Repair, 175Z3722 Repair, 175Z3723 Repair, 175Z3568 Repair, 176F1822 Repair, 176F1580 Repair, 176F1581 Repair, 176F1500 Repair, 176F1503 Repair, 176F1501 Repair, 176F1504 Repair, 176F1502 Repair, 176F1505 Repair, 176F1551 Repair, 176F1550 Repair, 175Z3122 Repair, 175Z3191 Repair, 175Z3362 Repair, 175Z0402 Repair, 176F1512 Repair, 176F1513 Repair, 176F1514 Repair, 176F1584 Repair, 176F1558 Repair, 176F1589 Repair, 175Z2900 Repair, 175Z0928 Repair, 175Z4622 Repair, 175Z4623 Repair, 176F1800 Repair, 176F1801 Repair, 175H4195 Repair, 175H4195 Repair, 175U0015 Repair, 175U0017 Repair, 175U0021 Repair, 175U0024 Repair, 175U0025 Repair, 175U0026 Repair, 175U0028 Repair, 175U0029 Repair, 175U0030 Repair, 175U0031 Repair, 175U0032 Repair, 175U0034 Repair, 175U0036 Repair, 175U0047 Repair, 175U1009 Repair, 175U0070 Repair, 175U0071 Repair, 175Z0825 Repair, 175Z0826 Repair, 175Z0832 Repair, 175Z4606 Repair, 175Z4607 Repair, 175Z4608 Repair, 175Z4609 Repair, 175Z4610 Repair, 175Z4611 Repair, 175Z4612 Repair, 175Z4700 Repair, 175Z4701 Repair, 175Z4702 Repair, 175Z4703 Repair, 175Z4704 Repair, 175Z4705 Repair, 175Z4706 Repair, 175Z4707 Repair, 175Z3139 Repair, 175Z3140 Repair, 175Z3141 Repair, 175Z3142 Repair.
Variateur VLT6000 : Danfoss VLT 6000 Inverter Drives Repair :
VLT6002 Repair, VLT6002 Repair, 175Z7004 Repair, 175Z7022 Repair, 175Z7047 Repair, VLT6003 Repair, VLT6003 Repair, 175Z7005 Repair, 175Z7023 Repair, 175Z7048 Repair, VLT6004 Repair, VLT6004 Repair, 175Z7006 Repair, 175Z7024 Repair, 175Z7049 Repair, VLT6005 Repair, VLT6005 Repair, 175Z7007 Repair, 175Z7025 Repair, 175Z7050 Repair, VLT6006 Repair, VLT6006 Repair, 175Z7008 Repair, 175Z7026 Repair, 175Z7051 Repair, VLT6008 Repair, VLT6008 Repair, 175Z7009 Repair, 175Z7027 Repair, 175Z7052 Repair, VLT6011 Repair, VLT6011 Repair, 175Z7010 Repair, 175Z7028 Repair, 175Z7053 Repair, VLT6016 Repair, VLT6016 Repair, 175Z7029 Repair, 175Z7054 Repair, VLT6022 Repair, VLT6022 Repair, 175Z7030 Repair, 175Z7055 Repair, VLT6027 Repair, VLT6027 Repair, 175Z7031 Repair, 175Z7056 Repair, VLT6032 Repair, VLT6032 Repair, 175Z7032 Repair, 175Z7057 Repair, VLT6042 Repair, VLT6042 Repair, 175Z7033 Repair, 175Z7058 Repair, VLT6052 Repair, VLT6052 Repair, 175Z7034 Repair, 175Z7059 Repair, VLT6062 Repair, VLT6062 Repair, 175Z7035 Repair, 175Z7060 Repair, VLT6072 Repair, VLT6072 Repair, 175Z4881 Repair, 175Z4883 Repair, VLT6102 Repair, VLT6102 Repair, 178B4808 Repair, 178B5162 Repair, VLT6122 Repair, VLT6122 Repair, 178B4810 Repair, 178B5163 Repair, VLT6152 Repair, VLT6152 Repair, 178B7522 Repair, 178B7524 Repair, 178B7523 Repair, VLT6172 Repair, VLT6172 Repair, 178B7525 Repair, 178B7527 Repair, 178B7526 Repair, VLT6222 Repair, VLT6222 Repair, 178B7528 Repair, 178B7530 Repair, 178B7529 Repair, VLT6272 Repair, VLT6272 Repair, 178B7531 Repair, 178B7533 Repair, 178B7532 Repair, VLT6352 Repair, VLT6352 Repair, 178B7538 Repair, 178B7542 Repair, 178B7540 Repair, VLT6400 Repair, VLT6400 Repair, 176F0918 Repair, 176F0920 Repair, 176F0922 Repair, VLT6500 Repair, VLT6500 Repair, 176F0924 Repair, 176F0926 Repair, 176F0928 Repair, VLT6550 Repair, VLT6550 Repair, 176F0930 Repair, 176F0932 Repair, 176F0934 Repair, 175Z7804 Repair, 175Z0850 Repair, 175Z7802 Repair, 175Z0929 Repair, 175Z7803 Repair, 175Z3100 Repair, 175Z7800 Repair, 175Z2905 Repair, 176F1515 Repair, 176F1521 Repair, 176F1516 Repair, 176F1522 Repair, 176F1517 Repair, 176F1523 Repair, 175Z3362 Repair, 175H4195 Repair, 175Z4622 Repair, 175Z4623 Repair, 176F1800 Repair, 176F1801 Repair, 176Z0928 Repair, 175Z7806 Repair, 176F1805 Repair, 176F1808 Repair, 176F1811 Repair, 176F1815 Repair.
Danfoss VLT Automation Drive Options Repair :
Danfoss FC 102 HVAC Drive Repair, Danfoss FC 300 VLT Automation Drive Repair, Danfoss FC 301 VLT Automation Drive Repair, Danfoss FC 302 VLT Automation Drive Repair, Danfoss High Power VLT Drives Repair, MCA-101 Repair, MCA101 Repair, Profibus Repair, MCA-104 Repair, MCA104 Repair, DeviceNet Repair, MCB-101 Repair, MCB101 Repair, General Purpose I/O Option Repair, MCB-102 Repair, MCB102 Repair, Encoder Repair, MCB-103 Repair, MCB103 Repair, Resolver Repair, MCB-105 Repair, MCB105 Repair, Relais Repair, MCB-108 Repair, MCB108 Repair, PLC Interface Repair, MCO-305 Repair, MCO305 Repair, Progammable Motion Controller Repair, MCB-107 Repair, MCB107 Repair, 24VDC Supply Repair, LCP-102 Repair, LCP102 Repair, Graphical Control Panel Repair, LCP-101 Repair, LCP101 Repair, Numerical Control Panel Repair.