Manufactures Repaired



Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Parker Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Parker industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Parker Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

D81FHE01H1NB0042 Repair, EX10-102D/1 Repair, FL40/01 Repair, LVD2 21001P Repair, 2100-3-P Repair, 40004AXIS Repair, 4000-NP Repair, 44511504 Repair, 6152 Repair, 6200 Repair, 6K2-NK Repair, 6K-6 Repair, 6K8 Repair, 805630 Repair, 87-011279-01E Repair, 87-014030-02A Repair, AKD-1400 Repair, ALS-1632 Repair, APEX-10 Repair, APEX-6152OV Repair, AR-23-1-2-X-4-X Repair, AT6200 Repair, AT6250-120V Repair, AT6400 Repair, AT6400-240V Repair, AT6450-120V Repair, ATD-1000 Repair, AX106-178 Repair, BL75B Repair, BLH-75B Repair, BLHX-75BP Repair, CD35M Repair, CPL-83-150 Repair, CPLX-57-120 Repair, GT6-L5-NK Repair, GT6-L8 Repair, GV6-L3E Repair, GV6-L3R Repair, GV-U12E Repair, KHX-710 Repair, LE-57-51 Repair, M57-83 Repair, M83-62 Repair, MPA-75460124 Repair, OEM-650-RC Repair, OEM-670T Repair, OEM-670X Repair, OEM-750X Repair, P11-014DR Repair, P11-314DR Repair, P1H-014DR Repair, P21-2C1-A4-1D3 Repair, P212C2A61D3 Repair, P213C2A61D3 Repair, P31-122AR Repair, P31-3C2-A1-2A3 Repair, P41-220AR Repair, P513R3A42A3 Repair, P71-3H2-E1-2A3 Repair, PA-08T133 Repair, PA10T133 Repair, Digiplan PDX SERIES Parker Stepper Drives : PDX15-D Repair, PDX13E Repair, PDS15-2 Repair, PDS15E Repair, PDX-138362 Repair, PDX15 Repair, PK130M Repair, PMC-6270 Repair, PARKER PS115-010 Repair, PS10-3H2-DDA-AD3 Repair, PS152T2DD1AD3 Repair, PS15-2T2-DD1-AD3 Repair, S106-205-MO Repair, SR1400A6 Repair, SX-57-83 Repair, SX-F6 Repair, TQ10SD Repair, ZATA8 Repair, ZETA4-240 Repair, ZETA-6104-240 Repair, VRD 350-010-006 Repair, VRD350 Repair, VRD355 Repair, VRD 355 Repair.