Manufactures Repaired



Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Reliance Electric Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all Reliance Electricindustrial automation products.

Here are some of the Reliance Electric Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:


ELECTRO-CRAFT Repair, 0-49005-5 Repair, 3-2 8034 Repair, 4DIGIT Repair, 57C493 Repair, 57C414 Repair, CARPAK Repair, FCR380V Repair, OPTO 22 Repair, PSM-50 Repair, RSTA Repair, STAREC8000 Repair, UDRA Repair, WAWA Repair, 0660-059 Repair, 412726-49F Repair, 45C904 Repair, 56950-50A Repair, 602826-71A Repair, 79926-28E Repair, 79926-51B Repair, 802420-V VC90 Repair, 9106-0081 BS-15, MAX 400 Repair, MAXITRON S6R 9006 Repair, S6R 8506 Repair, S6R 9006 MAXITRON Repair, FP3000-S6R-60-AN-D Repair, DM-30 9101-1133 Repair, 9106-0081 BSA-15 Repair, PDM-30 IQ-2000 Repair, 0-51874-2 Repair, 1326AS-B330H-21 Repair, 132S Repair, 300FN4042 Repair, 3633-34 Repair, RM21-1000 Repair, 762.70.10 FLEXPACK 3000 Repair, 804.13.00 Repair, 809.52.00 Repair, 810.79.40B Repair, 810.79.40 B Repair, 810.79.40B Repair, 811.32.00 Repair, 811.33-00 Repair, 811.37-00 Repair, 813.23.20G Repair, 813.23.20-DVY Repair, 814.51.50-AUR Repair, 837.05.00 D S28012 Repair, S2 8012 837.05.00 D Repair, S6 8012 837.22.056 Repair, 896.02.31B Repair, 9103-0101 Repair, BRU-100 AM15 Repair, BRU-100 BRU 200 DM 30 Repair, AM30 Repair, BRU100 Repair, DC1-45U Repair, DDS-CR Repair, DRA/B Repair, E288 Repair, ES371AMB Repair, F4075-R-H00AA Repair, GD118-26-00-A Repair, GV3000/SE Repair, GV3000E-AC30-AA-DBU-RFI Repair, H3016-N-HI44A Repair, H4075-R-H00AA Repair, MP-105-6:1 15 Repair, JR.PA-T1-200W Repair, N-4212-H00AA Repair, PCM550 Repair, S-28034 Repair, S-2E Repair, S-3016-N-H00AX Repair, S-3016-N-H04AA Repair, S-6300-Q-H00AA Repair, S-6 8012 Repair, S-6R 3060 OIM Repair, S-3060 OIM Repair, S-6R3060 OIM Repair, S2 8034, S644-3A/T Repair, S8000 Repair, VCIB-22A Repair, VCIB-33A Repair, VCIB-33A Repair, VSR S-6 Repair.