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Motor Repairs

Motor Repairs

Our repair specialists can repair, refurbish or rebuild most AC motors, DC motors, AC servo motors, DC servo motors, stepper motors, AC induction motors, pancake style motors, brushless DC motors, spindle motors.

During the repair process all motors are completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected. All the worn or defective parts are replaced or rebuilt. As we have  been repairing electric motors of all types for quite a while and over the years we've collected detailed repair information and OEM specifications for many different electric motors.

Efficiently harnessing this data means our technical staff can produce faster repair turnaround times and it could even help lower your motor repair costs.

To insure our motors /servo motors  repair process remains consistent, we have invested in a wide variety of testing systems.
These systems help us to quickly diagnose most  motors,servo motor and feedback problems,in a non-destructive way.
After a motor repair is complete we use these systems to certify the motor /servo motor is working properly before it is connected to a control system for final testing.
At  AMS  our goal is to have every motor we repair performs exactly the same way when it worked  at  customer's site .

In-house Machining Center

AMS  now has the ability to perform most servo motor machining work on premises. This allows us to control delivery and quality like never before.


 Type of repairs Undertaken

Rewinding, Retrofitting, Refurbishing, Over hauling of AC/DC .LT/HT Motors, Redesigning of AC/DC motors,  Servicing, Repair of lifting and suspension magnets, Traction Motors, Spindle & Servo Motor/Drive  Repair and refurbishing.


Mechanical Repairs-Shaft  Replacement,Metallizing, Reworking of shaft, End Shield,Fan etc.
Rewinding  to original specification
Bearing replacement
Draw bar & Clamping RepOver hauling & servicing
Dynamic balancing of rotating parts
Vibration analysis and Condition monitoring
Shaft replacement
Spindle cone regrinding
Mechanical repair and rebuilding
Testing of spindle parameters-run out, temperature, vibration, tool seating, draw bar actuation etc
Complete testing with drives
Foam packing and forwarding


Spindle cone rewinding, induction bearing heaters, Hydraulic unit, chiller unit, special tools for assembly and  disassembly of the spindle/motor, test mandrels oscilloscopes, vibration & balancing analyzer gauges to check all types of spindle cone like SK40,bt40,sk30,hsk63

Service Centre for


Our Clients

Electric Rotating machine manufactures,Steel,Metal and alloy Industries, Sugar Industries, Public Sector units, Central & state govts., Petroleum,Chemical,Refineries and Breweries, Engineering, Machine tools and automobile industries, Paper boards,Cement and construction companies  etc.

Let our talented staff of engineers and experienced technicians repair and refurbish your Servo Motor/Motor.We offer personalized service,reliability, dependability and quality to ensure complete customer satisfaction..because " Your Servo Motor/Motor Deserves Tomorrow "
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