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Power Supply & SMPS Repairs

Power Supply & SMPS Repairs

Power Supply Repair For All Industrial, Commercial & Medical Power Supplies

We're your one source for Power Supply repairs:
OEM's know they can count on us for the most reliable repairs for their customers.
State-of-the Art  repair lab.
Hundreds of test fixtures for providing the highest quality  repair.

Specialize in Out of Warranty, End of Life, legacy and older products.
Repairs are done fast and carry up to a three months  warranty.
Our work is done by certified, degreed electronics technicians.
Full service in-house engineering department to insure all your needs are met.
Repairing Power Supplies Saves ..
Time and Money! Power Supplies can be repaired for a fraction of what a new one will cost.

Let AMS repair your damaged power supply. We service just about every brand and model of industrial,commercial & medical power supply in the field today. 

There are many different type of power supplies and at AMS we fix every one of them! Like these listed below ... 

  • High Voltage Power Supplies 
  • Low Voltage Power Supplies 
  • Linear Power Supplies 
  • Switching Power Supplies 
  • DC Power Supplies 
  • Regulated Power Supplies and more

Get Your Power Supply  Repaired & Back Into Operation Fast.
AMS can get your equipment repaired and back into operation fast. Our

 Priority Repair Service  can be availed in those  situations where you need it back yesterday.
A Rush evaluation is usually back to you in less than 48 hours and we ship most completed Rush Repair Jobs less than 5 days after you say "GO". 
Call us to see how fast we can help your company. Browse our site and learn about the vast range of electronic and component repairs we provide.
When Power Supply  is received for repairs, our  top priority becomes returning it to working condition in a quick and cost-effective manner because   "Your Power Supply Deserves Tomorrow "Pl. Call us on  +919900565861 for your repair requirement.